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Parent Networking Groups

Parenting Special Needs Networking Support Groups

Monthly meetings facilitated by a caring professional for parents to swap stories and learn from one another. Topics vary based on families attending. They’re free!

Locations: Benson, Litchfield, Olivia and Willmar

Support Group Coordinators: Contact them to be placed on their distribution list and to learn more about support groups near you.

Becky Sook: Meeker County Coordinator, sookbecky@gmail.com

Jan Ervin: Renville County Coordinator, ervinjan.trcp@gmail.com

Kristin Jacobsen, Swift County Coordinator, trcp.kjacobsen@gmail.com

Linda Mathiasen, Kandiyohi County Coordinator, trcp@wciservices.org

See TRCP Calendar for dates, times and topics.

May - June 2017 Groups.


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Reasons to join a support group

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