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Subscribe to our newsletter, call, email or like us on Facebook to receive timely information, access to area resources and the latest event details. TRCP developed a resource library and donated its materials to the Pioneerland Library System. We understand each person, disability and family is unique. TRCP strides to meet each family where they are at and reaches out to professional contacts and willing parents to provide additional support and information to families requesting assistance.

Contact us via email or phone: trcp@wciservices.org or 320-235-5310, ext. 206

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Join our county coordinators’ distribution list: trcp@wciservices.org or 320-235-5310, ext. 206

Becky Sook: Meeker County Coordinator, sookbecky@gmail.com

Jan Ervin: Renville County Coordinator, ervinjan.trcp@gmail.com

Jill Fugleberg, Swift County Coordinator, jillfugleberg99@gmail.com

Marilyn Hukriede, Kandiyohi County Coordinator, trcp.marilynh@gmail.com 

Friend2Friend Troupe

A traveling cast visits area Middle Schools to educate students using humor and a series of skits to address serious topics like peer pressure, cyberbullying, stigmas, put-downs, cliques, depression, disability and how to ask for help. Wisdom shared with student participants:

BFF Yourself—Be kind to yourself, treat yourself like you matter (because you do), and get help, if you are struggling.

BFF Your Peers—Even if they aren’t in your “clique” or aren’t your close friend, do no harm, be kind, ask for help if you are concerned about someone’s behavior or words.

Reach Out—If you need help or if you think someone else does, reach out. Sometimes it takes losing a friendship to keep a friend alive. We’ll bring information to distribute to your students, such as 800 crisis numbers, youth mental health websites, local supports, etc.

The Resource Center Program
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