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Brain Injury Information

Families with loved ones living with the challenges of a brain injury, you are not alone! 

We are here to provide support, education and resource information for individuals, families and professionals. Plus, we want to connect you with other parents and peers.

Regular programming:

Parenting Special Needs Support Groups

Join our Support Groups in Benson, Litchfield, Olivia or Willmar, Minnesota.

Consider yourself cordially invited.  Do you have questions or concerns about your child, teen or young adult?  You are not alone!  By being a part of our Support Group, you will find people who may have the same concerns as you do.  You can bring your questions, concerns, or issues to our group. We are here to offer you support.  Help you connect with others.  Learn about your loved one’s diagnosis or challenging parenting moments.


Information, Referrals & Programming Ideas
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Annual Events:

Be sure to check our Events page and Active Lives Calendar.

Educational workshops, U-Empowered Conference, Halloween party, Family Picnic and Adventure Fair.


Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) — results from a forceful blow to the head such as: vehicle or bike accidents, sports injury, falling down, shaken baby syndrome, abuse and assault.

Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) — is a brain injury that results from: stroke, aneurysm, surgery, anoxia, and toxic exposure.

Brain injury can cause physical, cognitive, emotional and/or behavioral effects.

Every person with a brain injury is unique. 

People with brain trauma can have complete recoverys;  they can also have permanent life challenges.  There are a wide range of possible changes to the body, mind, emotions, etc.

Resource Center Help

  • We can help you find the answers
  • Research by coordinator familiar with TBI 
  • Support groups
  • Lending library
  • General support and ideas
  • Connections to service providers
  • Scholarships
  • Recommended websites

Networking & Support Meetings

The Adults with Brain Injury Support Group meets monthly at West Central Industries, 1300 SW 22nd St., Willmar, Minnesota (Nov/Dec holiday exceptions) — See Active Lives Events Calendar for dates/times.

Beverages and snacks provided.

Come meet others that share your life experience, let us help with locating helpful resources, and take advantage of our Lending Library as an educational resource.

The group features speakers.  We also have scholarships available for workshops, Brain Injury Conferences, and adaptive technologies.

Event Calendar

This website offers a condensed but thorough description of traumatic brain injury, classifications, signs and symptoms, causes, diagnosis, prevention, treatment, prognosis, complications, epidemiology, history, research directions and external links.

This website connects survivors and their families to the only statewide nonprofit organization dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for people with brain injury, advocating for systemic change both locally and nationally and providing direct programming for persons with brain injury, their loved ones, and the professionals who serve them.

This website is the Brain Injury Association of America and offers information about brain injury, state offices, media and events, policy and legislation related to brain injury issues, research, and professional contacts.

This website explains the benefits of using single photon emission computerized tomography (SPECT) scan to examine internal organs (including the brain). The SPECT scan provides 3-D images that shows how your organs are working. This information is useful in determining damage to the brain, areas affected, and the amount of blood flow (active or less active) in the brain.

This is a website developed and monitored by board certified physicians providing comprehensive, trustworthy information about conditions that affect the nervous system (brain, spinal cord, nerves and muscles). What is unique to this website is that it includes a physician handout that can be downloaded and brought in to appointments concerning brain injury.

This website provides support for brain tumor patients. It features a pen pal program, funding, research free patient educational materials, newsletter, publications and resource listings. There is also information for support group referrals and assistance in starting groups.

This article is from the Mayo Clinic and in a condensed version of the symptoms of the varying degrees of brain injury and the signs significant for each for adults as well as children.

This website provides a variety of neurological exams that are available to determine electrical activity, images, metabolic changes in movement, and active areas of the brain for a patient experiencing seizures. The site describes the processes involved in each and the usefulness in diagnosis and treatment planning.

This website is unique in that it is a user friendly, motivating, personalized computer portal for persona with brain injury. The program is interactive designed to assist the recovering brain injury survivor to reorient and refocus on what was once familiar and accessible. This program is designed to be user friendly for people with limited ability and suffer from extreme disabilities.

This website offers multiple links for people with brain injury, and their families nationwide.

This is another resource of multiple brain injury supports featuring General Brain Injury Links, U.S.A. Brain Injury Links, Canadian Brain Injury Links. International Brain Injury Links, and Miscellaneous Brain Injury Links. There is also access to TBI chat rooms and message boards.

Brain Injury Matters Inc (BIM) facilitates self advocacy and community education for people living with acquired brain injury (ABI). The goal of BIM is to help people living with ABI to realize potential for a full life within a supportive community and increase awareness about ABI.

This website is dedicated to helping veterans and their loved ones survive and thrive after combat. This website offers links and resources for war veterans with TBI. Featured is “The Traumatic Brain Injury Survival Guide” written by Dr. Glen Johnson, a Clinical Neuropsychologist.

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